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Are the government really helping NEET young people?

“Isn’t it amazing that the government make announcements ( of schemes to help NEET young people without a trace of irony !? Is it not bizarre that the government are now pouring millions into youth unemployment and NEET young people when they have so recently slashed much of the youth provision and infrastructure that was […]

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Self possessed, confident and passionate – today’s young people!

With all the bad press about young people, dysfunctional hoodies and disruptive “youffs”, what a joy it was to be the chair of the judges at the Rotary “Youth Speaks” district finals in Wheathampstead. The young people were self possessed confident, passionate and sincere. They spoke about a range of thoughtful, even philosophical topics such as “The image […]

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When one door closes – the next is hard to open!

The old adage ‘When one door closes another opens’ is certainly not true for around one million young people who are classed as NEET, ‘ not in education or training’. A Government figure reveal a total of 954,000 young people in England were not in employment or training during the first three months of the year. […]

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Gaming the way ahead for NEETS

For the nearly 1 million young million people who are classed as ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training) the future in the current economic climate is very uncertain. For young people who are lacking in qualifications their situation may feel very bleak.   For a number of reason students are leaving education unengaged, having […]

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Could voice coaching help teachers control their classes?

Should teachers get voice coaching to help manage their classes A Sunday Times article discussed the effectiveness of tone and voice when controlling their classes. It discusses how getting the right tone of voice can be tremendously helpful for teacher’s levels of authority and ability to control a class. Getting this vocal tone right can […]

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Debate in House of Lords

We were pleased to be invited to a debate on Youth Enterprise and Employment in the House of Lords, as part of the run up to Youth Enterprise Live.  Looking forward to being part of the show.

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Inspiring the next generation

Congratulations Team GB what an amazing performance at the Olympics and the Paralympics!  Let’s hope that the legacy of London 2012 will be that we have a generation of kids who now want to get out there and be best that they can – whatever their chosen field. Young people now have a whole host […]

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The government’s youth contract is a farce… OFFICIAL !

Anybody involved in trying to actually deliver the Government’s Youth Contract already knew it was a farce and today a group of MPs reviewing it made it official. “The government’s youth contract is not enough to tackle the scale of youth unemployment”, a group of MPs has said. The youth contract provides £1bn for a […]

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Youth Enterprise Live – Thanks for visiting us!

We’d just like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for coming to see us at our stand or listening to our seminar and workshop at Youth Enterprise Live.  We had a great time and met some wonderful people, who are doing great work encouraging and supporting Young People If you’d like to find out more […]

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First impressions count!

The honest and open notes written below were the thoughts of one of the young people who attended a Eureka course in Bedfordshire.  We think they show that given a chance, young people can really benefit from our courses, and improve their confidence, self esteem and boost their job chances.   “I first heard about […]

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