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First impressions count!

Posted on: 27th Mar 2014

The honest and open notes written below were the thoughts of one of the young people who attended a Eureka course in Bedfordshire.  We think they show that given a chance, young people can really benefit from our courses, and improve their confidence, self esteem and boost their job chances.


“I first heard about the sales and marketing program through my personal advisor. I didn’t want to go there, but the look I got from my personal advisor and my social worker told me I had no choice.

So I went to the program, but not before I has enlisted the company of my friend/ mothers personal assistant, mostly to make sure I didn’t run out on the first day, but also because I never go to something new alone.

When we arrived my friend and I were the first people there other than Donna. We were met with a soft hand shake and were invited to drink coffee. I immediately felt a relaxed atmosphere within the room and settled myself.

After a briefing of what the program entailed, I decided to stay on for my own benefit.

As the program progressed I became a lot more confidant in speaking openly to people. I discovered that because Donna spoke to us like we were adults and not children that gave an easy opportunity to feel like I could share my views and thoughts.

Each session I went to, I learnt more than I thought possible and achieved a better understanding of how business and marketing works. I also learnt how to be a successful business woman, in ways such as how to conduct yourself when meeting a potential client, how to discover their needs and how to close the sale.

During the first few weeks we met a man named Steve, he showed us about how people use different defence mechanisms and how they act depending on the situation. He gave me an insight on what kind of person I was. I found at the beginning of his visit the rout he was going began to be quite intrusive and very personal, but this seemed to be helpful in a way that showed me what was standing In the way of me achieving my goals.

All in all, I believe that this program has not only given me the skills to be a successful business woman but has also given me an opportunity for self-discovery. I am very glad I gave this program a chance”