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Mental health and young people

Posted on: 18th May 2015

If you’re in a room of 10 young people aged 16-24, probably 2 of them are likely to have mental health issues. This was one of the shocking statistic that came out of a mental health awareness event run this week.

More shocking still the statistic that 50% of all people with mental health issues report they started before the age of 14.

Mental health is a growing issue among young people, pressures from exams, social media and media creating idealised unrealistic images and standards that are impossible to live up to, hormones, periods of transition, changes of school, college and of course the growing, changing and stretching of the brain that goes on in that period too.

What is concerning also is the statistic that suggests the vast majority of young people do want anyone else to know about their issue and fear discrimination if it becomes know. This means that they are often not willing to seek any help when they struggle. Schools and parents are often therefore not aware of the issues and sadly often even if they are aware they are ill equipped in terms of time, resources and expertise to help.

At Eureka we work with participants on our programs to “psycho educate” people! We help them become aware of the way their brains work, and some of  the key frameworks such as CBT and attachment theory that help us make sense of our experience and our behaviour. We think that everyone in schools should be taught this stuff as a preventative measure to help them have the psychological resilience to deal with the undoubted pressure that surround being a modern youth.