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NEET young people’s view of government work initiative

Posted on: 27th Feb 2014

We asked some of the NEET young people on our course what there reactions were to the government initiative for young people – here are their reactions !

Vicki – “I totally agree with the government as most youngsters nowadays are either just sitting in all day watching television and playing video games, or getting into trouble with the police. They do this just to get attention as thee is nothing out there for us teenagers because most of us didn’t pay attention in school and left with near to no qualifications. We cannot get a job because we don’t have any experience and no-one will give us the chance to prove ourselves and I honestly think it’s unfair because everyone will come to this point in their lives, and I personally think that everyone should have a chance”

James – “I think it could be a turn for the best because all people do nowadays is do what the government thinks, but not for the best. They also drink alcohol, play games and do drugs all day trying to make their boredom go away and this routine continues to go on and being on jobseekers it’s a constant chain of standing still”

Kevin – “I think it’s an amazing idea to bring earn or learn as there are people out there who want to learn or have a job, as people like me are sick and tired of not having a job. ┬áPeople might be sick of not having the chance of making a name for themselves, so I would recommend the Earn or Learn any day of the week”