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New Director Joins Eureka

Posted on: 29th May 2014

Eureka is about helping young people and the unemployed  to become happy,economically self sufficient members of society. In the last 9 months Eureka has developed a highly successful suite of programmes to support the unemployed, including customer facing skills, selling and marketing yourself and the bedrock programme, foundations of employment for the long term unemployed. Based on the results these programmes  help produce, Eureka is growing dramatically as more Job Centres seek to achieve greater success by working with us . 

The key to the success of these programmes is an innovative psychologically informed approach that helps people understand more of their own psychology and how it’s been effected by their life experience and how therefore to adjust their mindset to a more resourceful and empowered state to be able to take the steps they need to in order to gain employment. This approach coupled with delivering practical life skills such as communication and influence from the commercial world and engaging and non- traditional teaching methodology delivered by skilled practitioners has been highly successful in equipping unemployed people of all ages to move on towards getting and keeping work.

As part of the growth, Steve Morris has joined Eureka  as as a Director.  Patricia Seabright, Eureka’s founder and director says, “Steve has played a big role in developing  and honing the Eureka programmes, his unique expertise in utilising psychologically informed approaches has been vital to us being able to have such a positive impact on the participants we work with. It’s a great pleasure to welcome Steve on board as a director of Eureka.”

As Eureka expands we are seeing to extend our facilitator base and are interested to hear from people with backgrounds in facilitation, coaching, drama therapy sales, marketing and customer service who may be interested in the opportunity to train up with us to be able to deliver these programmes.