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Why cutting ESA benefits won’t work.

Posted on: 2nd Jul 2015

In the news today we hear about a leaked Government paper considering cuts to ESA benefits.

The point it makes about ESA being a “passive benefit” is true, it is structured in a way that does not incentivise, encourage or help people to move forward in their lives. Claimants are not required to have any contact with the JCP so often they feel “parked” and ignored.

We’re working with ESA claimants to help them move forward to job readiness and our participants often talk about feeling “on the scrap heap”

It’s true that people on ESA often have multiple and complex problems and can be harder to help, but that doesn’t mean they should filed away in the “too hard” folder

If the government  seriously wants to reduce the numbers of people on ESA and save money in doing so, then they shouldn’t be cutting payments to this vulnerable group but should be investing in getting the right help and support to them. What does that look like? Well it doesn’t look like just providing standard employability programs to help them polish up their CV! It looks like the programs that Eureka runs, that work on helping people get a psychological understanding of themselves and those around them, helping them to identify and acknowledge the issues and barriers they face, develop practical skills to help tackle the issues and then supporting them in getting the right help to overcome those barriers. The social and economic return on investment of this approach would easily justify the investment in the right support.

At Eureka we feel we can offer a significant part of the solution!

This autumn we’re planning a conference on “Effective Working with ESA claimants” To register your interest for priority tickets please email us at with your details.