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Enfield Integrated Youth Support Service

Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

Eureka is a social enterprise dedicated to helping NEET young people and has brought business, enterprise and life skills training to these young people in many areas. In March 2010, Eureka collaborated with Enfield Youth Support Services on a project supporting NEET young people. A series of three module programmes were delivered on the topics of:

The Enfield programme was designed to work with NEET young people on developing relevant and pragmatic skills and attitudes. This tailor made programme enabled the young people to increase awareness of their options, build their confidence, their skills and set positive life goals that will lead to their future economic well-being.

The programme received positive feedback from the young people: ~ 


Eureka was also invited to work on additional projects to support and coach these NEET young people – a programme, we very much look forward to.

“The modern world needs not muscle but brains, the new generation needs to be proficient in business, technology and sales, more than anything; young people need to be good communicators and able to deal with people.”

 Fran Abram “Learning to Fail”