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Eureka’s Voluntary work at Maple Primary School, St Albans

Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

Eureka ran a successful speaking competition including coaching for Year 5 & 6 students at Maple Primary School.

The day started with interesting and engaging exercises in voice, breathing, body language and handling nerves, all of which a key skills for a speaker. Throughout these sessions, students not only had fun but also learned a lot about the important aspects of how to give a confident speech.  

Following this, each student did a ‘Just a Minute’ practice’. First, each student was asked to come up with a topic, write it down and put it in a hat. Then, each of them had to randomly pick one topic and do a ‘one-minute’ speech in front of the other teams. After each speech, Eureka facilitators pointed out each speaker’s good practices which they encouraged to be shared by others and coaching was given on the development points

In the afternoon, students formed mixed year groups for a speaking competition.  Within each group, students had to nominate a Chair, main speaker, question handler and closer with delegated tasks on one speech topic.

Each group was given an equal amount of time for their presentation and rehearsal, whilst Eureka offered hands-on support by observing and offering valuable comments and advice to each team.

With Eureka coaches’ training and nurturing, the presentation competition went well. Presentation topics were timely, popular and interesting, including the forthcoming World Cup, global warming and music to discussions such as school uniforms, mobile phones and computer games. The way each student presented was extremely impressive. The fluency, confidence and team work they displayed and  the excellent use of voice, body language, demonstration and eye contact; the appropriate use of questions; and the professionalism was terrific, all of which made Eureka coaches very proud.

Eureka believes that the ability to confidently articulate

Their points of view is a key skill for young people