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Putteridge High School and Community College Summer Programme

Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

Putteridge High School asked Eureka to run a course for their students on the Gifted and Talented scheme.  The aim of the week long course was to learn Business and Marketing skills as well as improving their ICT and self presentation skills, alongside the production of a promotional video and marketing collateral to promote the school to prospective students.

The course included aspects of Marketing and campaign planning during which they had to establish their target audience, and interview key staff to establish the messages they need to get across.  One of the highlights was a visit to the ZSL London Zoo and the British Library to see how different kinds of organisations market themselves and deal with negative images. 

They were also given the opportunity to work with a BBC newsreader who coached them on presenting themselves in a professional, positive way, as well as learning how news organisations present information in an engaging, powerful way to generate interest in all their stories.


The outcome was a video produced by the students, giving them experience in presenting themselves professionally and using technology in a fun and interactive way. They finished the course with a sense of accomplishment in themselves and their team and perhaps also a new sense of pride in their school environment.

Philip Line, Community Cohesion Manager, Putteridge School

“Eureka have been a great organisation to work with. They engaged with the young people brilliantly, students by the end of the course had grown in confidence and learnt many new skills”