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Putteridge High School and Community College

Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

Putteridge High School were looking for a more vocational approach to learning for some of their young people in Year 9 to enhance their chances in the future job market.

Eureka designed a 12 week programme based around the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) level 1 qualification

The programmes were designed to appeal to young people and used Playstations to illustrate many aspects of Sales and Marketing, including making videos to promote themselves and their school. 

To enhance and develop their teamworking and communication skills, students worked together using construction games, and technology including Ipads and PSP’s.  They also worked together producing branding and marketing slogans for board games that they had developed.

As well as the more traditional learning, Drama and Voice coaches worked alongside behavioural coaches with the young people to help develop their self presentation and consider how other people may see them, as well as promote their self esteem.

By the end of the course all the students had achieved their level1 qualification and grown in confidence, as well as having a greater understanding of themselves and the challenges and choices around them.

“Eureka have been a great organisation to work with. They engaged with the young people brilliantly, students by the end of the course had grown in confidence and learnt many new skills” Philip Line, Community Cohesion Manager, Putteridge School

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