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Rosh Pinah Primary School

Posted on: 25th Mar 2014

Eureka were asked to run a series of Business and Enterprise days to enhance learning at Rosh Pinah school.

Through interactive activities, pupils explored the origins of trade and business, learnt the importance of research and the concepts of supply and demand. They were also able to identify their own enterprising skills, consider the benefits of competition in the marketplace and explore moral dilemmas that businesses face. The programme was delivered through play, games and simulation.

* 61% of the children thought the day was “Brilliant”.

* 64% of the children thought it was Extremely Important to their education!

 Quotes from the Pupils:- 

“You can always do it if you feel passion for it!”

“You can earn a lot of money when you are older!”

“You don’t have to be rich to be successful”.

Quotes from the Teaching staff:- 

“They were especially interested in the business aspect of the day and setting up their own business!”

“Thank you so much.  It was an excellent day and the children got so much out of it!” Judy Greenberg – Year 5 teacher & Deputy Head.

“Extremely challenging – mixed ability groups enabled all to participate.  Educational value but also giving children a “taster” of life in the real world!  Great for team work too!”   Debbie Bloom – Year 5 teacher.