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Primary programmes

‘Stepping into Business & Money’ Workshop

Enterprise Education & Financial Literacy for Young People aged 9-11

IMG_9012Stepping into Business

This is a 10 x 1 hour programme that allows Year 5 and 6 pupils to explore the world of business in a fun, practical and cross-curricular way. It promotes children’s creative thinking skills and encourages pupils to develop enterprising behaviours through play. Through interactive activities, pupils explore the origins of trade and business, learn the importance of research and grasp the concept of supply and demand. Pupils also identify their own enterprising skills, consider the benefits of competition in the marketplace and explore moral dilemmas that businesses face. These engaging lessons allow students to develop life-long personal, social and enterprising skills and attitudes.

Stepping into Money

This is a programme of 10 x 1 hour sessions which allows Year 5 and 6 pupils to explore the world of money in a fun, practical and cross-curriculum way. The programme guides students through making spending decisions, understanding the value of money and discovering the benefits of saving. Pupils also identify the impact that advertising has on their spending, look at different types of savings accounts and practice using currency exchange rates to compare product prices around the world. Through teamwork, creativity and problem solving, pupils learn to use financial terms correctly and recognise the impact money has on their lives.

Objectives: The workshop satisfies key learning outcomes in

This ‘Stepping into Business & Money’ Programme is a Cross-Curriculum Programme that Supports the Aims of Every Child Matters.