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Youth interview coaching – gaining a competitive edge

It’s often a stressful time for young people when they have interviews for university places, industrial placements (internships), or first jobs. Competition for places and for jobs is fierce, so preparing for interviews and progression stages often represents the biggest pressure situation, with the highest stakes of their young lives.

Eureka Youth Coaching is here to help young people build their skills and confidence to deal with this and to maximise their chances of success.

We can work with a young person at any stage of the process towards securing the place / job that they want.

coaching circle

Coaching, by definition, is tailored to the individual but we can cover topics such as:

Complete flexibility

The coaching can be one session or several, face to face or via Skype. It can cover one topic or several. The whole deal with coaching is that it is designed to meet the needs of the individual.

Our team

Our youth coaches are the Eureka trainers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of business, different industries and interview environments. They can help young people understand how they are projecting, what their natural strengths and weaknesses are, and how to work to optimise strengths and minimise weaknesses and to optimise their chances of succeeding.