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The darker, hidden side of unemployment statistics

The government’s claim to have the lowest unemployment figures for years hides a dirty little secret; and actually it’s not at all little. Festering underclass – ignored by society There is a festering underclass of people being ignored and left behind by our society. When they talk about lowest unemployment figures for 7 years at […]

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Why cutting ESA benefits won’t work.

In the news today we hear about a leaked Government paper considering cuts to ESA benefits. The point it makes about ESA being a “passive benefit” is true, it is structured in a way that does not incentivise, encourage or help people to move forward in their lives. Claimants are not required to have […]

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Oaklands college and Eureka working together

Eureka ran an innovative programme for the unemployed in conjunction with Oaklands College, St Albans and the local Job Centre Plus. Congratulations to all attendees! Rather than just focusing on the traditional elements of employability training such as interview technique or CV writing, the programme taught the participants practical commercial skills about sales and marketing, […]

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